The Future of Portable Restrooms

What are portable luxury restrooms and where are they going?
February 17, 2021/by Savannah Dodge

Tiny House Roofing

Learn all about roofing shapes, materials, and construction methods
February 15, 2021/by Savannah Dodge

What is a Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint, how does it affect us, and what can you do to help?
February 3, 2021/by Savannah Dodge

How to Achieve a Zero Waste Lifestyle

What, Why & How to be Zero Waste
January 28, 2021/by Savannah Dodge

Downsize Your Closet

Find out how to downsize your closet effortlessly and seamlessly
January 21, 2021/by Savannah Dodge

Tiny vs. Small House

What is the difference between a Tiny and a Small House? Learn everything you'll need to know here!
December 28, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

Tiny Holiday Decorations

How to decorate your tiny house for the holidays!
December 22, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

Tiny House Design Tips

Learn how to Design your Tiny House!
December 4, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

Evolution of House Size in America

Why bigger is not always better
November 24, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

History of Tiny Living

From 1000BCE to 2020. How has Tiny Living made an impact on our housing needs through the years?
November 9, 2020/by Savannah Dodge


What is Zoning? Learn everything you will need to know!
November 5, 2020/by Savannah Dodge


What is sustainability? How does it affect me? What does it have to do with tiny living?
October 27, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

Tiny Offices

How tiny offices are changing our perspectives on the working environment
October 27, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

Disaster Relief Housing

Everything you need to know about Disaster Relief Housing & how Tiny Houses can help
October 13, 2020/by Savannah Dodge


What is Minimalism & what does it mean for you?
September 18, 2020/by Savannah Dodge

ADA & Universial Design

The Americans with Disabilities Act and its importance in design
September 1, 2020/by Savannah Dodge
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